The Washington Highlands Historic Preservation Corporation (WHHPC) is pleased to announce that the board has been working with Highlands resident John Klett, AIA, to finalize plans for the entry marker at Washington Circle and Milwaukee Avenue.  The new marker will be located near the location of the existing deteriorating wooden sign. Follow this link diagram of the planned marker designed by John Klett, along with an aerial map showing the location of the marker.  Once we reach the fundraising goal of $35,000, we will break ground on the project!

GOAL: $35,000

History of the Entry Markers

In the late 1990s the WHHPC constructed the first entry marker at Washington Boulevard and 60th Street, carrying out the plans of Hegemann and Peets, the landscape architects with whom the Pabst family worked.  A review of our historical archive reflects that markers were originally anticipated at each entry, although they were not initially constructed.  The board began plans to construct entry makers at all of the entry points to the Highlands, which are largely based upon the drawings found in the Richter, Dick & Reuteman real estate brochure, published when Highlands lots first went on sale.  In 2006 the Board retained the services of renowned local landscape architect, Dennis Buettner, which resulted in the Washington Highlands Improvement Study for Street Entrances and Open Spaces.  Dr. Buettner’s input has been incorporated into the design, magnitude, and placement of the markers.

Cost of the Project

As you can see from the “donation meter,” we have already made significant progress toward our goal of raising the $35,000 needed to erect the new marker and complete the surrounding landscape.  Historically correct beautification projects like the entry markers are only possible with generous donations of our neighbors.  Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the WHHPC so we may carry out this significant project.  Donations are appreciated at all levels of giving.

Please send your donations to:
P.O. Box 26723
Wauwatosa, WI 53226

Special donation opportunities are also available.  Please contact us at for more information.  Thank you!