Hello!  Welcome to the the Washington Highlands Historic Preservation Corporation (WHHPC). We are a group of Washington Highlands residents and our mission is to preserve the historical integrity of the Washington Highlands neighborhood, located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. To learn more about the neighborhood, we welcome you to use our walking tour to read about all the historic homes as you take a stroll around the highlands, print out a booklet or view the tour on your mobile device.

Incorporated in October of 1998, the corporation was organized for charitable, educational and cultural purposes. Most notably: to preserve the historic and architectural character of the Washington Highlands neighborhood, to build and preserve monuments and structures that educate the public and identify places of historical significance and to gather and disseminate information concerning the historical significance of the neighborhood.

This website is an aggregate for all of the news and information collected concerning the WHHPC. You can learn more about our mission, browse historical documents, get tips on renovations, keep up-to-date with our blog and much more. Thanks for stopping by!

Your support of the WHHPC is tax deductable and greatly appreciated! Click here for information on how you can help, or mail your check to the Washington Highlands Historic Preservation Corporation at P.O. Box 26723, Wauwatosa, WI 53226.