Washington Highlands Walking Tour Pamphlet

The pamphlet outlines a walking route through the Highlands and provides historical information about the neighborhood as well as a map of the original buildings comprising the Pabst Stock Farm.

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Washington Highlands Neighborhood Historic Designation Application

National Register of Historic Places Registration Form: This form is for use in nominating or requesting determinations of eligibility for individual properties or districts…

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Dr. Caroline Flick’s Werner Hegemann and the Washington Highlands

When emerging as a public and professional movement at the turn of the last century, urban planning has been inspired by a variety of ideas. One of its major ideas was the “garden city”…

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Dr. Caroline Flick’s Planning Washington Highlands

As a younger son of a manufacturer, Werner Hegemann was born on June 15, 1881, in Mannheim, a growing industrial town on the river Rhine, known for its baroque city center. Due to the divorce of his parents, Hegemann was educated at schools all over Germany, taking his final exams in 1901. The death of his father in 1900 left him a young man of independent means under the tutelage of his uncle Otto March until he came of age. March, a renowed Berlin architect, vested him with an interest in art history and architecture…

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History of Garden Cities

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, England was experiencing repercussions of its industrial revolution, which included unhealthy living conditions, poor sanitation and pollution of both air and water. There was a shortage of affordable housing resulting from so many workers migrating into the city. A socialist movement evolved with architects and planners trying to create a more healthful environment and increased housing options for the quickly growing urban areas…

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