Remember When … Washington Highlands was Milwaukee’s newest subdivision?

The home-building business thrived as Milwaukee expanded in the early 1900s and the land west of W. Washington Blvd. and N. 60th St. was subdivided to provide new homes. The fields had belonged to the Pabst Brewing Co., which had used them for farming hops. The Kamm family moved into their new home at what is now 6426 Upper Parkway North in December 1919. They were the second family to become residents of the area still known today as the Washington Highlands. The Highlands became a fashionable section of Wauwatosa, valued today by residents and passersby alike for its beautifully landscaped homes, shady streets and countless trees. But in 1919, the sun beat down on fields, weeds, a few saplings and t his newly constructed home. Photograph and information from the Milwaukee Public Library local history collection.

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