Historical Highlands

Dave Zachman

August 20, 2013

Washington Highlands Improvement Study

In spring of 2006, the Washington Highlands Historical Preservation Corporation initially engaged Buettner & Associates, Inc. to prepare an improvement study for the street entrances into the Highlands. After the initial concepts were favorably received by the WHHPC Board we asked Buettner & Associates to also include recommendations for the Parks, Open Spaces, and Boulevards. – Read More –

August 20, 2013

Renovation and Remodeling of Historic Homes

All properties within the Washington Highlands are subject to the covenants of the Washington Homes Association (WHA). The WHA Board of Directors (the “Board”) is charged with the responsibility of equitably enforcing those covenants. Included within those responsibilities is the duty to review and approve alteration plans and specifications of an exterior nature. This document – Read More –

June 14, 2011

American Flag Lighting Tribute

Thanks to a donation by resident Emily McNulty, spotlights now illuminate the American Flag that has been posted at the roundabout at Washington Blvd. and Washington Circle for 50 years. The lighting serves as a tribute to McNulty’s late husband Truman who died in 2004. The family donated funds for the equipment and installation to – Read More –

April 21, 2011

Applecroft Park Planters

The newly renovated seat wall at the top of Applecroft Park received the final flourish this past week with the installation of two matching planters. The planters are hand crafted of dry cast limestone by Longshadow in Illinois. They are exact duplicates of the planters at the bottom of the park, however, slightly scaled down – Read More –

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