This period revival home exhibits many of the style’s primary characteristics, including a dominant front-facing gabled entry; multiple-light, leaded-glass windows; stone, brick or stucco and false half-timber sheathing (or a combination thereof); wood-shingle, slate or tile-covered gabled roofs; and a dominant chimney.

The tour home at was built for Frank and Louise Hubbard and designed by the firm of George Schley & Sons.

Frank was born in Washington, D.C., and moved to Milwaukee in 1907 to take a job with Cutler-Hammer, where he served as a patent attorney for nearly 50 years.

He and Louise had three children: Frank, Allen and Jean.  Although Louise died in 1937, the Hubbard family remained in the house through 1943.

The Hubbard’s apparently were bridge players.  The front hall was specifically designed to include a bridge table cabinet.

Of the six tour homes, this one changed hands most frequently, with ten owners to date.  The longest-tenured owner was insurance agent Peter Rasey and his wife, Suzanne, who lived in the house from the mid-1960s through 1983.

Immediately preceding the current owners, Steven and Jacqueline Rolfe (1996 to 2004) also took advantage of the tax credit rehabilitation program for improvements to the house.

Since 2004, the current owners have had a new wooden fireplace mantel installed in the living room.  It previously had been altered from its 1929 design.

They also have had glass doors, made by Oxford Studios, fitted into the existing kitchen cabinets.

On the second floor, they have installed hardwood flooring where none previously existed and have remodeled the primary second-floor bathroom, returning it to a circa-1930 period appearance.

Research on this home was provided by the Wauwatosa Historical Society for its “Tudors of the Washington Highlands,” home tour conducted on October 4, 2014
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