Proposed street light The Historic Preservation Corporation has spent many years researching the possibility of replacing our 1960’s era “cobra” style street lighting with more historically appropriate lighting.

Recent LED technology developments are helping bring this dream closer to reality. Today’s LED’s are capable of a much warmer color and provide improved color rendering at reduced energy costs.

In cooperation with the City of Wauwatosa, we have researched various LED lights to compare with the current High Pressure Sodium lighting.  A 90-day trial of the proposed new LED light source has been scheduled to begin on March 1, 2017.  The trial LED will provide higher average foot candle performance (.50 vs. .34) with markedly improved uniformity and brightness levels across the roadway and sidewalks.  Further, the overall illuminance is improved with enhanced color qualities, for both temperature (2700K) and Color Rendering Index (CRI).  The CRI is the percentage of the visual lighting spectrum emitted by a light source.  High Pressure Sodium, is very monochromatic with a 20% CRI.  Natural sun light is 100% CRI, while the trial LED has a CRI of 70%.  The trial LED 2700K temperature is a “warm” color and is very close to standard incandescent lighting.  It is the temperature of the LED bulbs in the entry marker lanterns throughout the Highlands.

Two lights will be installed on Washington Circle at the base of Applecroft Park on March 1.  The timing will give us an opportunity to assess the lighting during winter conditions leading up to Daylight Savings Time (March 11) and during leaf bud out and into full leaf out in late spring.  We encourage all of the neighbors to observe the new lighting and provide feedback on ambience, lighting quality and the potential of enhanced home values.